[Guide]:How To Fix Your AK 2.0 Texture Pack!

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    Hello And Today I Will Be Showing You How To Fix Your AK 2.0 Texture Pack If It Does Not Work!

    If your texture pack is not working it will look most likely like this. Scroll Down For Steps!

    1>First of all you are going to check what minecraft version you are in! At first I was in 1.11.2 But it didn't work so you have to at least go in versions from 1.9 - 1.11 I recommend 1.9.2 < Admin Told me that < :)

    2>If that does not work i would highly recommend downloading the Texture Pack. You get the texture pack from Chaos Crafter Discord if you do not have Discord You Should get it! If your not allowed to I will leave a download link Down Here! :D V V V

    3>If for any reason none of these works it may be your computer or Laptop that can't handle it Or if your laptop/computer is pretty good I would contact a staff! I hope I helped you if not im sorry for the inconvenience Have a nice day and the link will be down here!

    *Link's the file!

    Note that im posting this a few days after AK 2.0 because some people are crashing! :(

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