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    In reality it took me months to find the roller coasters, and that is why I am writing this!

    STEP 1: /menu (the compass doesn't work as of 12/2/17)

    STEP 2:
    click on desired world/destination

    STEP 3: it should teleport you to desired location

    *use this at anytime to get anywhere


    /warp spawn brings you to the old spawn

    more commands:

    /warp wall: get to all of the rollercoasters

    /plot auto: automatically claim a single plot

    /plot tp (id;id): no parenthesis-teleports you to another plot

    /sit: sit down on any block

    /friend player: sends a friend request to a player

    /buy: brings you to the buying menu

    /shop: brings you to the cosmetics shop

    /balance: see how many coins you have

    Elites Only:

    /warp creativevip: brings you to the creative world

    /fw: *might be broken- spawns a firework

    To Take a CC Quiz

    /warp quiz

    if that doesn't work do /quiz

    Stuck on a roller coaster or need to get to spawn fast?


    or as mentioned earlier: to get to old spawn

    /warp spawn

    Any questions? Just Pm me on discord or here

    My discord


    I hope this was helpful!

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